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Udenlandsdanskere, udlandsdanskere, udedanskere. Kært barn har mange navne. "Nyt fra Danmark" foretrækker det sidste, som vi konsekvent søger at bringe i anvendelse.
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Canadian Nordic Society
Based in Canadas National Capital Region, the Canadian Nordic Society celebrates the links and common interests between Canada and the Nordic countries: Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. For over 35 years the CNS has provided opportunites to share, learn about and celebrate Nordic culture and history and Canadas Nordic connections
Danish - Canadian Club of Kingston
The Club was founded in February, 1968, to maintain the traditions and culture of Denmark and to remember our Danish heritage. Better solidarity between Danes and assisting members and new Canadians are some of our objectives. We welcome new members, and invite you to learn more about us through this site
The Danish Lutheran Church of The Niagara Peninsula
The Danish Lutheran Church of Toronto, Ontario
Founded in 1957, with the help of DKU, (Dansk Kirke i Udlandet - Danish Church Abroad) the Danish Lutheran Church in Toronto is quite young compared to the many 800 year old churches in Denmark. But this church is different. It is more than a church. For many Danish immigrants and families who have worshipped in the Danish Lutheran Church, who have been baptized, confirmed and married here, who have had funeral services for their lost family members and friends and who have sung, danced, worked and shared meals together - it has been a way of maintaining and nourishing roots transplanted to Canadian soil
Scandinavian Business Club of B.C
Meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6.30 p.m. Except for July, August and December
Granly Danish Lutheran Church
Our service is usually at 11am. We alternate between Danish and English
The Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, BC
Welcome to the Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C. Our service is in Danish the first and third Sunday of each month. We use English on the remaining Sundays and all major holidays. The service is usually at 10:30 Sunday morning
Scandinavian Canadian American Friendship Association
Formålet med Canadian American Friendship Society er at udbrede kendskabet til USA og Canada samt knytte bånd mellem Skandinavien og Nordamerika.
Danish House Society in Burnaby
The Danish House Society er fra 1996 og en del af det skandinaviske lokalcenter i Burnaby.
Danish-Canadian Community Centre of British Columbia
The Purposes and Objectives of the Danish Community Centre of British Columbia are to Function as a corporate body of Danish-Canadian organizations and individuals interested in the purposes herein and preserve and promote Goodwill and better understanding about the Danish Culture
The Danish Canadian Club of Calgary
Everyone is welcome to be a member of our Club. Our members include several generations of Danes from around the world, and of course, members of various ethnic backgrounds. We are a very diverse group, which is one of the reasons we feel we are so successful as a Club
Vancouver Island Danish Canadian Club
Long before the founding of the Vancouver Island Danish Canadian Club, there were Danes on Vancouver Island. In fact, as early as the 1890s a group of Danes made an attempt to build a settlement at Cape Scott at the northern tip of Vancouver Island. The Cape Scott settlement failed. However, over the years many Danes moved to other areas of Vancouver Island. The Vancouver Island Danish Canadian Club promotes friendship, customs and traditions of Danish culture. Join us and experience a taste of Denmark on Vancouver Island.
Danish Club of Ottawa
Danish Club of Ottawa was founded in 1975 by a group of Danes who wanted to celebrate, preserve and share their Danish culture and heritage while in Canada
The Danish Sisterhood - Dogwood Lodge #179
The Lodge #179 (Dogwood Lodge) is a non-profit organization that was established Mar. 13, 1971 and became part of the Pacific North West District. Our vison is to promote and share the rich Danish culture in Canada and to expand the membership into the Danish Sisterhood to people of Danish descent who have a strong interest in the Danish heritage and comitted in preserving Danish traditions for the children of the future.
Dania Home Society is a non-profit organization founded in 1941 to provide and operate housing and care services for the elderly. Dania was the first care facility in Western Canada and started with an Old Peoples Home for immigrants of Danish descent. From there it has grown to become what it is today.
Danish Federation of Canada
The Federation of Danish Associations in Canada, hereafter called the Danish Federation, is a national umbrella organization of Danish organizations in Canada. It was formed in 1981 with the purpose of bringing together all existing Danish organizations in Canada, to create a permanent network of cooperation. The Danish Federation is a club of clubs and consists of 42 member organizations.
Danish Canadian National Museum Society
The Danish Canadian National Museum and Gardens are located 800 metres directly south of the community of Dickson, Alberta. Dickson is the oldest Danish settlement on the Canadian Prairies and is situated in the Parkland area of Albertato. Our vison is to promote interest in Danish culture in Canada and encourage research therein and to preserve artifacts and records of the Danish experience in Canada
The Scandinavian Society of Nova Scotia
Our goal in the Scandinavian Society is to develop interest in, and knowledge of, the culture, customs and traditions of the Scandinavian countries in Nova Scotia. We also provide assistance to Scandinavians that are new to Nova Scotia as well as those Scandinavian students undergoing studies here in both secondary and post-secondary institutions. We can also facilitate contact with a person who has a Scandinavian background and they will be happy to help you with any questions or language interpretation skills that may be required
Ansgar Danish Lutheran Church
Kirken ligger blandt andre kirker i Edmonton, Alberta og har dansk præst men der gudstjenester på både engelsk og dansk.
Danish Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Founded on June 25, 1992 in Toronto, Ontario, The Danish Canadian Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization serving the Danish-Canadian business communities. The DCCC offers regular luncheon meetings featuring prominent business and governmental speakers from Canada and Denmark.
Royal Danish Guards Association of Eastern CanadaRoyal
The club was started by eight former Guards, seven living in Ontario, plus the famous Heldentenor or Wagnerian tenor Lauritz Melchior, living in California at the time, but nevertheless a co-founder. We all had one thing in common, namely that we had served in Den Kongelige Danske Livgarde in Copenhagen at various times.
Danes in Canada
Forum for Danish people in Canada, mainly in English
Royal Danih Guards Association of Western Canada
We meet at least twice per year. In the summer we have a picnic at one of the members where we each can bring anyone in the family, this is usually a very popular event. In the fall we have our annual get together. A typical program consists of getting together Friday evening for coffee, sometimes at one of the Calgary members place or at the Danish Club.
The Danish Brotherhood in Vancouver
The Danish Brotherhood in Vancouver is one of many in North America. Lodge 328 was established in 1931. We are pressently 82 members. Every one has a Danish background. We all emmigrated to Canada for different reasons. Some of us came over back in 1947.
Den Danske Klub (The Danish Club) Montreal
Founded in 1922, Den Danske Klub in Montreal is the oldest Danish Association in Canada. Its purpose, as per its by-laws is, to encourage mutual solidarity among Danes in Montreal and to maintain the connection with the native country
Sunset Villa in Ontario
The purpose is to procure and operate a home for aged people of Danish descent or inter marriage who wish to retire because of age or other reasons. Over the years Sunset Villa has grown through the hard work and dedication of many volunteers. The preservation of our heritage through Sunset Villa will continue well into the future for the enjoyment of generations to come.
SPORT Dansk tennis har fået en verdensstjerne. Caroline Wozniacki har på rekordtid meldt sig ind i den glamourøse verdenselite.
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Ny bro til Operaen
KULTUR 10 tegnestuer kæmper om at få lov til at bygge den nye bro, skænket af A.P. Møller Fonden
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